FROM THE BEGINNING Event Planning and coordination

Are you busy? working  abroad? and doesn’t have time to plan and prepare for your big  day? Then  have  an  event  planned  and  coordinated  by  a  full-time  planner,  that  will  present  list  of  vendors  needed from  the   beginning,  provides you  templates  and  checklists,  updates  you  from  time  to  time  to  meet  the  deadlines  and  seek  for  approval  before  finalizing,  so  you  don’t  have  to  worry  on the details

 until the big day.  

Let’s meet Halfway Event planning and coordination

We  want  you  hands  on.  Ideal  to  events  that are halfway  through  with confirmed venues  and  major  details  but the  rest  is  a  

work  in  progress.

Almost there event planning and coordination

Event  planned  and  prepared  by  you  that  is  almost  there at the execution  proper. With  the  thought  that  all  has  been  set  and  confirmed but  suddenly lacks a few  more 

vendors to book.

On the day event coordination

Event planned and prepared  by you  with various  confirmed suppliers but  is  needed to be executed  on the day itself. On-site coordination and supervision  with  responsible  and  equipped  coordinators to  handle  the  event.


We know finalizing your guests’ headcount is one of the hardest tasks in your event, so to save you time, remove it from your plate and let  us  track   the  complexities.


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